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Welcome to the website of Robert J. Comeau, where you'll find my research into student writing for healing and metacognitive development in the Know Thyself project. It is designed to help struggling students reflect on their goals, strengths, challenges, and self-messaging through writing interventions. Teachers gain in cultural competence, positive relationships, and pedagogical insight as they read and respond to student writing.


The book acts as a parallel curriculum to support struggling learners, helping to re-focus disengaged students through brief writing assignments that they choose, and that they want to do. After personal writing for self-expression and self-improvement, students are better able to engage in classwork. Reading and responding to their writing helps teachers better know what each of their struggling students needs.


You can also see my work on...


- Analysis, training students in deeper thinking through modeling, coaching, and direct instruction.


- Experiential learning, where students learn through physical and visual models, simulations, activities, analogies, and outings.


- Critical consciousness and social justice,


- Seminar discussions,


- Teacher Inquiry,


- My own English 12 World Literature class, where I've done my research and put it to work.



About me: I am happy to have taught and lived in Boston for 16 years.


In 1996, I graduated from Amherst College with a BA in English, summa cum laude, and I work to share the rigorous, caring and student-centered seminars I experienced there with my own students now.


I was a Conant Fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE), where I received an MEd in 2005. I now mentor graduate students from HGSE as student-teachers in my classroom.


In 2013, I became a Calderwood Teachers as Writers Fellow, where I conducted my Know Thyself research under the brilliant mentorship of Prof. Denise Patmon and Steve Gordon. Under their continued guidance, I am now facilitating a teacher-inquiry group at the Boston Teacher's Union.


In 2005, I was awarded a Boston Teacher of the Year award.


In 2010, I traveled to Europe as a Fund for Teachers Fellow, for research on art, architecture, and the development of curriculum to foster close reading skills through the analysis of culture and visual form. I have traveled to Rome, Florence, Albania, Geneva, and Paris for educational research, working to bring the world into my classroom. I will soon travel to Martinique to explore the birthplace of postcolonial giants Fanon and Cesaire.


I live in Boston's Roslindale neighborhood with my wonderful wife and our two children, both students in the Boston Public Schools.



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